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Getting Started with Search Engine Marketing?

First discover what Google has to say about your business

E-libraries Israel is a private Lead Generation and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) outfit that helps you “Walk-through the SEM Lifecycle”. Learn more about your business from a Search Engine (Google) point-of-view, before committing yourselves to that long-term service contract or expensive
Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaign.

Keyword Research by Group – A Better Way to Optimize

We research keyword history from reputable sources and group these search phrases into target market groups. We then apply these groups to your Web Site Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Sponsored Link Campaigns and other advertising / business efforts.

Here’s an example of a Keyword Research Group for a 4×4 Truck Accessories Client:

Benefits of Keyword Research:

  1. Affordable Market Research: Consumers express their interests via the search phrases they employ when searching on Google and other search engines. Why spend thousand’s of dollars on third party studies and guesstimates? Let us tap into this wealth of customer data on your behalf. The Keyword Groups we generate will convey consumer/vendor interest and represent your targeted niche markets.
  2. Relevant Landing Pages: Any combination of words on a Web page can represent a search engine query. Therefore, by integrating Keyword Group search phrases into your site’s Web pages, you can transform them into Landing Pages – that is, pages specifically targeted to a chosen audience or consumer.
  3. Logical Pay-per-Click Groups: Our research method enables you to build PPC campaigns automatically – but with one added benefit: The keyword phrases in each group will relate to one another. In other words, your PPC groups will make sense, and the group ads you draft will naturally relate to all of the phrases in that group.
  4. Building Web Pages that People WANT to Read:  Now you can tell your copywriters what to write about. A Web page based on a specific group of keywords will be topical, customer driven and expected to invite qualified traffic to your site. These pages will speak to your audience’s needs, providing informative content to the visitor.

Here’s an example of a Landing Page

What Else Do We Do?

  • Corporate site reviews
  • Pay-per-Click campaign management
  • Building customer driven landing pages
  • Link Building
  • And more…. (Yes, we even service Internet Marketing Companies)

Contact us:
E-libraries Israel; c/o Avi Shoub;
Beit Shemesh, Israel; shoub@zahav.net.il