Site Review – Foliumpx

The Message – Folium asserts that Foliumpx pills provide support for a Healthy Immune System.  But how representative is this statement?

My wife, a Medical Coder, says it is correct, since a Radiation Poisoning victim will otherwise suffer from a weakened immune system.  But I, the Product Marketer, will tell you that a healthy consumer who takes, but then exceeds a recommended Foliumpx prescription, may actually cause damage to their natural immune system.

The Chernobyl Effect

BAO Health Resources, itself, provides the answer to the above difficulty.  When stating why Foliumpx works, BAO cites the product’s original intent, namely, that Foliumpx would be developed with the specific intention of mitigating the affects of the Chernobyl disaster on the city’s residents.  Testing had proven that Foliumpx had a positive effect on the removal of toxins & heavy metals from the body – that is, from a Chernobyl resident who was already suffering from the effects of radiation poisoning.

The Target Audiences

It follows from the above, that Foliumpx should only be marketed to audiences who are already suffering from radiation / metal poisoning and the like, or who are at high risk of becoming sick – For example, that might include a coal miner or a resident living in proximity to an industrial zone.

It is not sufficient to cite environmental conditions, the effects of radiation-emitting devices and the like, as an argument for using an Anti-Oxidant supplement. Most consumers will not hear these arguments, being that they will not relate to these matters until they are personally affected.

Of course, consumers should be expected to gage their own personal needs for the supplements, in conjunction with a competent medical practitioner.  The product is not suitable for the consumer who is casually seeking to enhance their health, well-being, or pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.   Anti-Oxidant treatment and chelating is risky, as supported by Foliumpx’s video testimonials, Both Dr. Wallach and Ed Griffin testify to the product’s use being appropriate to a patient needing treatment.